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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 11:21:28 -0700 (PDT) From: CMand TM Subject: Puppy WhimpersDisclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 or this is illegal in your state please do not read this story. This story is FICTION and has no basis or connection to the real life of the celebrities used loli bbs hard rompl in our story. hot erotic preteen lolitas Please note a lot of the things that will be used in our lolita models play kitty story are grossly exaggerated and either wouldn't happen or couldn't happen in real life. Also this story contains explicit sex, violence, sexual oriented language, infidelity, group sex, drug use and at times is obscene and pornographic. We do not in any way, shape, or form condone this type of behavior and once again it is all PURE FICTION. This is written by me and my best friend it will probably be a little different to what your used to reading but we hope u enjoy lolitas pics galleries thumbs it.... This is our first story so .....Please good or bad feedback or questions is always welcome. ENJOY!!!!! ****Important Note: All child art pic lolita male characters in this story have vaginas in accordance to the there male penis and testicles. The vagina is located in perineum area which is the area between the anus and the testicles. The significance of adding the vagina to the men is to provide another sexual outlet for same sex couples. Where as before the only sexual outlet was the anus. Also having vagina enables our male characters to have children. And before you ask YES men do have menstrual cycles. However, the men in our story have taken various methods lolita12 16 yo nude or procedures to stop their cycle, such as the shot or other forms of birth control. Puppy Whimpers It's the first day of school again at Emerald High School. Students once again are introduced to 6am wake up calls, homework, tests, and basketball games again. Around 7am sitting in the schools parking lot, sat a snow white 2008 Cadillac Escalade complete with custom lights and rims. Inside sat Tasha, checking and reapplying her Mac babydoll lip gloss in the mirror. "So Dev you, gonna take me home after school right?" Tasha asking blowing a kiss and smiling in the mirror satisfied with her glossy lips and hair. Tasha was like all her friends a junior at Emerald High top 10 models lolitas Private School this year. Everyone has noticed that she has grown into the most beautiful Nubian woman accented with caramel skin, long curly black hair down her back, and dark piercing brown eyes. Tasha quickly jerked her head in the direction of the driver's side wondering why her earlier question has yet teen gays lolitas com to be answered. "Dev are you picking up?" she repeated "Ugghh I might be a little late, me and CT, are loli xxx bbs teen trying out for the Emeralds hottest high school lolitas basketball team this year" Devon answered obviously annoyed with Tasha's questioning as he continued texting away on his sidekick. Devon was 6ft tall drink of water with deep green eyes and, tawny olive skin thanks to his parent's mixing of Haitian and Norwegian. "Oh for real, I didn't know you wanted to play basketball, I mean I didn't even know you were interested". Tasha said looking puzzled at Devon trying to understand why people have suddenly changed this school year. "What its just playing a little ball...no big deal." Devon shrugged in his drivers seat trying to finish up and pussy preteens virgins lolita email he was sending. Tasha is like Devon's little sister, love her to death but there are times when she is annoying and this time being one of them. Rolling her eyes at the lack of attention being paid to her, Tasha pops her bubblegum while forbidden lolita toplist bbs twirling a curled tendril around her French manicured finger. "Im just saying Dev you do know KEVIN is the basketball coach right?" Devon looks up once more cocking and eyebrow looking slightly irritated again " Who in the hell is that?!" , "Man who cares, what the man discriminates or amazing preteen nude lolitas something?" He asked Tasha now having his full attention has he slides his sidekick closed. "Nah just wait you'll find out." Tasha chimed opening the car door and hopping out free sample lolita mpegs the SUV. After shutting the door she looked at her reflection in her window to make sure her new Christian Dior sundress wasn't wrinkled, then glancing down to see if her matching Dior stilettos were still clean after hitting the parking lot ground. "Well I'll just be around after school" Devon hops out the driver's side of the SUV checking his reflection in the mirror, best lolita sites art while smoothing on some CarMex lip cream. "You want me to send you a text or something when I'm done, or you gonna catch ride with some lil man you just met?" Devon questioned smirking. He knew his friend was somewhat of a flirt, and ever since she broke up with real lolita sex pics Nick she been putting herself out there for anyone buying little lolas non nude to take nicks place, and why not T a bad chick. Tasha standing on the curb with her hands on her coke bottle frame hips waiting responds "No Dev, well maybe you should just send me a text to see where Im at" Twisting her Dior heels and flipping her hair back to the wind. "I'll see you later Kay". Tasha walked into the school, "Iight deuces" Devon's calls back while bending down and putting his fresh Jordan clad foot up on his SUV to retie his laces. Once done he checks himself in the cars reflection, straitening his belt to his baggy jeans that sat on his slim waist, and smoothing out his red Ralph Lauran polo shirt which was loose though hugging his muscular torso in all the right places. Once satisfied with his appearance he walked into the school. Meanwhile also starting not only her first day but first day at a new school was Denyce. Just as the bell rung she checked her schedule to see her first class was Spanish 1 in from 228. Laughing to herself, Denyce found it amusing that even with being Puerto Rican and Swedish and speaking both Spanish and Swedish fluently the school still required her dark studio russian lolita to take a foreign language. So Denyce decided to make the best of it by enrolling loli boy girl hardcore in Elementary Spanish 1 in hopes of rewarding her with guaranteed A+. She figured it would be enough of a challenge being the new girl in the rich school from the city, so getting an easy A on her report card this year seemed like a great idea. After asking several not so helpful students where room 228 was she managed to finally find the class. Denyce was already 10 minutes lolitas yong fantasy model late thanks the wrong directions. She really hated being late, because that meant all eyes would be on her when she walked in. Suddenly regretting her outfit she picked out, Denyce was beginning to have second thoughts about trying to wear her cutest thing to school for the first day. Looking down at her form fitting shorts jumpsuit, nubile lolita free xxx she liked ukraine nymphets lolas photo it because it showed off her sizzling figure, legs, and Jennifer Lopez ASSests. She thought about how she could have worn or hair different instead of slicking her dark wavy tresses in a high ponytail, with the wavy ends grazing just below the middle of her back; complete with her big gold hoop earrings; a style that was popular at her old inner-city school. After taking a deep breath Denyce opened the classroom door and pranced to the first empty desk she saw. She quickly sat down and took out her Hello Kitty notebook and pen to prepare bbs loli rompl teen to work. Clearing her throat "And you are?" snarls the teacher looking up from her book, glaring at Denyce over her reading glasses. "Diaz, Denyce Diaz" Denyce answered back as confidently as she could or thought she sounded. "I'll let this go, because it is the first day of class, but for future purposes class starts at 9am sharp Ms Diaz. At 9 I shut the door and being calling roll, and if you not here by then, you are late perteen lolita nude pics and WILL be making YOUR way to detention am I clear Ms Diaz?" Stated the Teacher "Yes Ma'am" Denyce responded sheepishly wishing more than ever she was back at her old school. "Good now class, open your books to page three" continued the instructor. Denyce rolls her eyes sighing. This was not how she pictured her first day being at all. She little russian lolita stories thought looking down at her notebook and take notes. Pssst! Psssst! Pssssst! Psssssssst! Over here! Denyce looks to see Tasha on her left sun bbs preteen lolitas waving with a smile. "Hey, don't mind her, Mrs. Menendez is always like that. Why are you using that, where's your laptop?" Tasha whispers while pointing to Denyce`s pen and paper. Denyce smiles whispering back "Yea I just transferred from downtown school, I left my laptop at home. Why would I bring it to school?" "Everyone has one and because you can act like you taking notes, and be on the internet." Tasha thinks for a second and turns around in her seat to get her friend. "Josh, let me hold you laptop" Josh looks up "Why girl you know I'm a lolita bbs sites up on Myspace". Josh is bbs zeps lol bbs American born but you would never know it with his obsession for French lifestyle, jet black spiky hair and porcelain pale skin. Tasha could almost bet Josh was looking at pictures of himself. "Josh!" Tasha whispers "Come on, let me please hold it. I'll let you see those nude pictures of Devon I was telling you about" Josh thought for a moment then smiled "Okay, but don't exit out of my window" he added when handing his laptop over to Tasha. Josh had a major crush on Devon and his friend CT. preteen lols sucking cocks He would often have jack off nymphet and lolita video fantasies about their hard bodies, rippling abs, strong muscular arms on him doing naughty things. Tasha gave lolita cp dark bbs Denyce the computer and continued to chat with her through instant messenger. Denyce thought it was a preteen littlelolitas nude photos little weird at first, though her old school was not as rich as this new one, she never imagined using laptops in class instead of paper and pencil. Tasha chatted with Denyce for an hour asking her various question about where she lived, where she was from, how she liked school, if she had a boyfriend, and if she wanted to spend the night at lolitas pics underage ru her house tonight. Denyce was a little taken aback by the invite being so soon. She had just met Tasha but she like her already as well as liked the fact she was making friends so quickly. Denyce exchanged emails, phone numbers, and address so she could get to her house tonight. While typing Tasha was eyeing Denyce's outfit. It was cute! Also making sure to notice her luscious, toned, tan legs right on up to her cute little onion booty. "Mmmm" Tasha thought " Can't wait to nude models loli tgp peel that off preteen video cp lolita and" Damn just as her thoughts were about bbs ls preteen lolitas to get more x-rated the bell for class change rang. Walking to his newly assigned locker, Devon sighed still trying to get used to being back to school again and thanking hot lolitas bbs free the heavens that the first day of school started on a top cp site loli Friday this year. This way after all this he can go home, party, and relax the weekend away. Knock Knock..."Hey man, how's your first day going so far, mines sucks I already got homework fucking bitches" shouted CT Devon laughed " Iight , whats good man" "Nuthin Just asian young pussy loli trying naked little girls lola to get a nut, ya feel me" CT said leaning against the lockers CT was 6ft 1. With an athletic build and big, dark, brown puppy eyes. Nice Mix of Native American, Irish and French. Ct was your typical meathead jock, all bronze and no russian lolitas pre teens brains, but russian lolitas video clips he was a good guy and great for laughs. "So " CT continued "When you gonna hook me up with ya girl Tasha?" Devon looks at CT funny "Man you know she doesn't like you like that, she's told you that a million times, just give it up" CT bangs his head against the locker out of frustration " Man I know, but damn it's not fair. Why don't she meisje very young lolitas want to talk to me? I lolita children pussy pics still can't believe you got that first, and here I thought you two where just like brother and sister.. fucking incest... its iight aint it" CT winked as he nudged Devon Devon thought hot little cuties loli for a second to choose his words wisely when explaining the situation "Nah man it was one time, never again. We don't even like each other like that; hell we don't even talk about that time anymore." Turning back to his locker to put his loli virgins nude girls last book Devon can't help but think of that hot night a week and a half ago. It all started innocently enough lolita chat preteen pics one humid August Night. Tasha and lolita school uniform sex Devon were over Devon's house enjoying a couple of mixed drinks. Tasha just dumped her latest boyfriend Nick. They had been going out for about 2 years. Nick was kinda lame Devon thought. He was kinda chubby and lazy and thought he loli model pics free owned the world, a total jerk in reality still don't know what Tasha saw in him for the past 2 years. After a few more drinks Devon and Tasha dark lolita collections bbs where feeling more free talking about everything under the sun, then Tasha goes to her car and brings back her new toy she bought from some sex shop. She pulls out a pink 6inch strap on Dildo. Upon seeing this Devon falls on the couch laughing hysterically, he can't believe Tasha had the audacity to buy such a thing. "Do you even know how to use that" he asked in between laughs. Tasha giggled "Yes I do Devy, Just like Nick used to fuck me!" Tasha then stand up on the couch thrusting her hips back and forth making the pink dildo flops all around while imitating lolita 13 age naked Nick "Yea Girl, take that, you know you like it!" After regaining some composure Devon says " young smooth russian lolitas Omg T, Are you serious is that how that loser used to fuck you, no wonder ya'll broke up, not even hitting on anything." Tasha stops and pouts "What preteen lolitas join paysite am I doing wrong?" Devon replies "Uh everything, I mean if that's how he used to fuck you, then damn. You must have faked it all the time" Tasha walks over to Devon's side of the couch and points the pink dick tip in Devon's face "Well can you show me, I might want to put it down on someone one day" playfully hitting Devon in shocking nude lolita toplist the face with it. After child lolita top 100 thinking about it for a few minutes Devon makes himself another drink. "Hmmm okay, you can fuck me while I direct you okay?" "Kay, thanksss Devy" Tasha giggles young little russian lolitas excitedly jumping up and down. Devon grabs Tasha's hand and makes his way up to his bedroom. Once inside both strip down to their birthday suits. Devon seeing Tasha naked for the first time is really enjoying what he sees. Grabbing his dick he feels his precum , Devon quickly walks over to his bedside drawer takes out warming KY lube and hands it to Tasha. "Remember go slow okay" warns Devon as he gets on the bed and positions himself on all black loli naked pic fours. Tasha slicks her dildo with the KY and climbs up on the bed behind Devon. Playfully smacking Devon's bubble butt "You ready bitch" Devon nods. Tasha slowly slides the dildo in and back out slowly going deeper with each thrust trying to listen out for Devon's instructions. As soon as Tasha dick was all the way in Devon had to stop mid direction because Tasha was hitting his prostate and the shit felt amazing. Soon Devon's directions young hentai loli tgp went from detailed to just "harder" and "faster". Tasha did as she was told listening to Devon's moans free asian lolitas galleries and groans to see if she was doing it right and by the sounds of it yes she was. Devon soon reached down to jack his own dick while being fucked. Soon Tasha's actions were rewarded with Devon cumming in his own hand as he jacked his dick. Tasha was so happy she non nude latina lolita wish the dick she bought came underage pedo preteen lolita with a real life functions so she could cum with here dildo. After getting over his orgasm Devon jumps off the bed to take a nice long slip of his mixed drink. Tasha decides top 10 loli nonnude to lay down sense she was pretty spend from all the hip action. Devon walks over to the bed and looks my girl lollipop mp3 down at her all sprawled out seductively on the bed. Devon smirks "I think its my turn" As Tasha lies on the bed starting back at Devon for the first time looking at him in a way she never thought she would see him. Looking him up and down, while taking in his perfectly sculpted body his tan skin making his muscles looker more defined and cut, her gaze soon falling upon his massive standing 9 inch hard dick. Licking her juicy lips, looking back into his eyes Tasha purrs "Alright baby" Devon moves to 15 yo nude lolitas the bed crawling up Tasha body to capture her lips into his own initiating a make out pedo sex lolita pictures session. After a few minutes Tasha pulls away slightly sucking on Devon's bottom lip to catch her breath. Devon leans his forehead against hers; greens eyes looking into early teen lolita pics brown eyes smiling. No words need to be spoken they both know this won't change anything. But just so there is no mistake Devon whispers "You'll always be my T.T. okay" Tasha nods. Devon kisses her lips one last time before kissing down her slender neck. Placing light kisses on Tasha's breasts, lightly sucking on each nipple, before making his way down her tight stomach, and kissing her bellybutton. Moving down and trailing light kisses down her thighs and legs then back up and in between her thighs, purposely avoiding her pussy.Tasha rubbing her hands through his Devon's hair while enjoying every sensation he is causing against her skin. As her pussy gets wetter and wetter with every touch. Unable to take it any longer Tasha pleads "Baby please." Devon secretly smiling licks the outside of Tasha's pussy, going up and down her outer lips several times, before gently prying them open with his tongue tiny lolita nymphet tits to taste her juices as he takes her clit into his mouth. By this time Tasha is hunching up against Devon's face, wanting him to take every inch of her pussy his mouth. Devon moves his hands under her ass to pull her closer to his mouth. Tasha feels Devon's tongue rage deeper insider her, while still sucking on the sides. She could swear he was tongue fucking taboo preteen lolita xxx her G-spot. As Tasha's moans increase in amount and volume Devon quickly slips two fingers in, moving them in circular motions, speeding up, while he lolitas naked oriental girls sucks on her clit. "Oh shit baby" Tasha screams as she could not hold off much longer. Devon's feels her vagina tighten, and then expand as her juices flow into his mouth and on his hand. As she tries to catch her breath after such an intense orgasm Devon smiles, and moves cgi bbs loli japan back up to plant another kiss on her lips. He reaches over to grab a condom to very young lolitas cocksucking use out of his dresser; before he could pull back Tasha grabs his arm looking him in the preteen pics pthc lolita eye. Saying "I don't want to, I trust you." Devon nods and puts the condom back. He moves to positions himself to enter Tasha. Devon slowly enters Tasha, looking at her for any sign of discomfort, but all her face shows is pleasure as he leans her head back, closes her eyes, and bites her lip. Once Devon is completely inside he stays there to let her adjust to his dick. Tasha did tell Devon that Nick was only 6inces... Once Tasha is comfortable she places her hand on Devon's chest urging him to speed up. Devon starts moving in and out, steadily increasing his speed at her request. Tasha sensing that Devon is being cautious moans "Ughhh lolita best pay site Dev please fuck me!" Devon's lifts loli bbs preteen lolitas her legs around his waists in to get better access, so he can plunge deeper hitting her spot. Tasha encircles her legs around his waist, her eyes starting lolitas little child model to roll in the back of her head as she thought she has never had it like this. It is as if Devon's fills her pussy stimulating every last nerve. As Devon's dicks slides up against her g-spot again and again, she feels best lolitas bbs sites herself cumming and screaming uncontrollably. Devon feeling Tasha's pussy clench around his dicks, he feels himself getting closer, nude little lolita movies till he is soon busting inside her. Tasha reaches up and grabs Devon face pulls it to hers for a make out kiss. Tasha and Devon continue fucking into the night and every morning. Later that morning as Devon is taking a shower Tasha joins him. Soon Tasha is washing Devon's body and Devon washing Tasha's body. Devon watching the suds and water slide down Tasha's banging body soon tempted to continue what happened last night. Devon quickly picks Tasha up and fucks her against the shower wall while water cascades down the both of them. Before long Tasha can be heard screaming "Oh shit, right there, don't stop!" Devon doesn't stop as he and Tasha share another amazing orgasm together. Tasha wash off and jumps on the shower, comes back later with a digital camera. Laughing telling Devon to do something sexy for the camera....After Devon's and Tasha's sexy photo shoot Devon gets out the shower to dry off. Wrapping a towel around his waist and shaving in the mirror, Tasha comes up behind him to wrap her arms around him and rest her head on his back. Devon finishes shaving smiling turns around to face her with a hug. Tasha looks up at him and says "Thanks for last night." Devon smiles and says "No thank you, I had a great time." Suddenly Tasha breaks out into a huge smile and reaches down to untie his towel as it drops to the floor. Moving down his body she takes his awaiting dick into her mouth. Devon taken aback by surprise braces himself against the counter. Tasha was good and her tongue ring sliding up and down his dick made it feel all the more delicious. He moaned her named closing his eyes and leaning his head back. Tasha could have sworn heisse lolita fick pic she heard him moaning in French. She continued sucking smiling to herself about how good she is....... Later that week, everyone attended the last days of summer party. It was a huge house legal preteen lolita site party held around the last week of summer. Everyone who was anyone attended and with alcohol galore things were sure to get interesting. Tasha soon arrived with her friend JC. Tasha was wearing a form fitting cut low, yet short red dress, that looked painted on, with gold stilettos. Her hair was flowed freely with curls flying in the wind. Make up lolita kids young girl done to perfection picking a lip gloss that matched her Red dress perfectly.Devon and CT were also in attendance and equally bringing the sexy with their teen lolita videos sites attire. After bbs lolita pthc board awhile most parties get a little dead no matter how many people are there. CT had already hooked up with a dude and told Devon they were going to his car to have fun. Devon on his second drink said alright and let the two of them run off. Seeing Tasha on the couch looking equally bored, Devon decided to go and join her. "Hey" he said while sitting preteen lolita nymph model down beside her. "Hey" she replied. "Parties kind of dead, my friend let me for a guy" she continued." "Same here, that's friends free illegal lolita pics for ya, kiddy cloud lolita pedo you want a drink" asked pre lolita model gallery Devon. "No Im fine." "Okay" eyeing fucking her body up and down " 4 15yo lolita galleries You look really good tonight" Devon added. Later that night Devon and Tasha made their way to the laundry area of the house. Opening then shutting and locking the door as they feverishly started making out. "I've been thinking of that night for a minute" lolita gay boy fuck Devon managed to get out in between kisses. Tasha moaned in agreement. Making sure not to break their kiss anymore ls magazine issue lolita the two stumbled over to the dryer. Devon reached down and lifted Tasha onto the dryer. Once she was seated on top Devon broke the younger lolitas pussis flowers kiss again to look at her thinking about how sexy preteen lolita porn sites she looked tonight running his hands down her breasts, stomach, waists and thighs worshipping every last curve her momma gave her. Tasha sensing his appreciation undid the straps to her dress and let her top fall down exposing her breasts. Devon moved down to suck on them once more. Devon moved his hands in-between her legs to feel wetness as he slide off her hentai loli flash games panties to reveal they were a red and black thong laced lolita teen lesbian sex and damp. Tasha thanking that her pussy was no longer confined reached down to undo Devon's non nude underage lolitas jeans, and pull down his boxers to see he was just at excited as she was his dick springing out from its confinement as well all ready dripping with precum. Once satisfied that his dick was free, Tasha moved her hands up under his shirt to feel his chest, foto lolita flor desnuda sliding her hands up, down, and across the hard panes of muscle. Enjoying the feeling of Tasha touching him again, He moved forward entering his 9 inches in her pretty pink pussy. Tasha sighed as she felt her pussy once again feel with the dick she enjoyed so much not to long ago. Once inside Devon met Tasha's lips again for a kiss. Reaching over to the dryer machine knob Devon putt the setting to spin cycle making Tasha bounce up and down on the top of the dryer. She thought it was alittle weird at first but soon realized with the bouncing up and down, with Devon's dick in her, rubbing against her clit, the shit feel great. Devon moved in closer and measured his thrusts to be in sync with the dryer, leaning over Tasha to continue their make out as she was fucked. Tasha's pussy was being over worked from the vibrations of the dryer and Devon's already massive member touching her in all the right places, while kissing she couldn't help but nibble one Devon's lip. Devon could feel the top of the dryer was wet from Tasha sweet juices flowing out from all the excitement, this turned Devon on more as he pulled her closer to him and sent his dick further insider her. He knew sometimes Tasha liked it rough so made it his mission to break her back, fucking her so hard at one point Tasha had to brace herself against sexy young lolitas art the wall the dryer sat against just to hold on as Devon fucked her oh so good. But that was then this is now, and now Tasha was just his friend back to little sister status and CT still had no chance with her. Devon closed his locker. "CT you really need to get Tasha out little girl rape lolita your head, you got to get your head right for tryouts today. You can't place you best if you got a boner in your shorts". CT snorted "Whateva 16yo lolita nymphet pthc my head is always in the right place, besides I'm gunning for captain anyway won't take much for me. Im hot like Jordan, you aint know. Devon just rolled his eyes at his best friends cockiness "Dude lets go get something to eat, I'm starving"Walking to lunch Devon and CT run into Tasha and Josh in the hallway. Josh suddenly caught off guard by the two hotties tries to fix himself slightly hoping his hair still looks like it did when he checked it 5 minutes ago. "Hey Devon and free lolita preview pic CT, how's your first day going" chimed Josh smiling ear to ear. "Iight" "sucks" the two snorted as the foursome made there way to there first lunch of the year. To Be Continued....P.S. This is our first story ya'll so please good or bad tell me what you think...We started ya'll off pretty easy for the first chapter...but do trust shit is about to get real crazy real russian lolita naked thumb quick. Till next time Love ya :P
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